Hudson Forest School in Montreal Families

 Here's what Montreal Families has to say about Hudson Forest School:

New preschool focuses on outdoors to spark learning

On the first day at this new preschool in Hudson, there were no pencils or papers in sight nor building blocks or board games. Instead, a heavy green tarp attached to the branches of several trees created a canopy for a classroom of sorts, which provided an outdoor base camp from which little ones would learn.

What about curriculum?


When talking about forest school the question inevitably arises: What about curriculum? How will the children learn? What's your method? What kinds of activities do you plan? What is your schedule? While well meaning, these questions usually reflect an adult's perception of learning. Hudson Forest School's education model is child-centred and place-based. Here is what that means in greater detail.

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Open Session at Davidson Park

We are eager to get to forest school, and what better place to begin than Hudson Forest School's open session for everyone, tomorrow and Friday at 10am until 1130am at Davidson Park on Como Gardens Road at the corner of Mountain View. 

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HFS info sessions this week

Come learn about Hudson Forest School at our info session this Thursday, 5pm-630pm & this Sunday, 3-5pm at Le Champignon (397 Main). 

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A magical experience for your child


The first time I heard about forest schools was 2006, I was fascinated

I was a Master's Student in UBC's School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. More specifically I was studying how the landscape itself could provide children's developmental needs. 

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